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List of Products
# Range of Products
1 Corrosion Testing Machine, Grinding/polishing Machine, Sample Cutting Machine, Mounting Press Machine, Sample Specimen Collections Consumables
2 Medical/Health consumables, Gel Electrophoresis Equipment, Chemical Testing Machine, Specialized Karyotyping Machine, Gene Sequencer Equipment, Compound Microscopes, StereoMicroscopes, Image Analysis Workstation, Computer and Camera, Histology Equipment, Laboratory Furniture
3 High Technologies Equipments & Instrumentations, Consumable materials (Refractory sensors, Shroud, Impregnation, CRMs, Coatings)
4 Test & Measurement Equipment
5 Inspection & Safety , Nano Positioning & Testing, Industrial & Laboratory Metrology, Portable Metrology, Software Solutions & Upgrades
6 BioWaste Decontamination & Growth Media Sterilization
7 Cleanroom Disposable Products, Cleanroom garments
8 Water Treatment